Top Ten Tuesday #1

Hello everyone,

Today I’m gonna deal with the Top Ten Tuesday. If you don’t know what is it you can check here on the Broke and Bookish Blog  of the creators of this event (in English) and was reproduce by the French Blog of Iani.

To make it short, there is a question about a 10-list of books each week to answer. I thought it might be interesting to participate. It may be in English or in French, depending on the mood (as always) and of the questions asked over the 2 differents blog.

So i picked up this question to begin with, in all those already done : Ten Books You Recently Added To Your To-Be-Read List.

Books are not written in a specific order. Those with *, are the one I have in French, the other are in English.


  • How to fall in love by Cecelia Ahern.

That will sounds stupid but it is the title who appealed to me for this book. And the fact that the author is also the writer of the amazing PS : I Love You. So i’ll try another love story as i like them.

  • The Maze Runner by James Dashner 

I went to see the movie and thought it was fine. I found it a lot like Divergent but in another version. Well, when someone offered it to me, it was the occasion to try to read it. Maybe the things i didn’t get in the movie would be explained in the book.

  • Rogue Island by Bruce Desilva (traduit Pyromanie en français)*

I bought this book because it was cheap and the title (in french) made me smile, thinking about my boyfriend who is fireman and really likes fire. I didn’t begin it yet by lack of time.

  • Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel (Série traduite Dans l’ombre des Tudors : #1 le Conseiller)*

This year I studied English monarchs and of course, i’ve been very interested in the Tudors. Particularly in Henry VIII, so i thought this book could be interesting for me.

  • One hundred names by Cecilia Ahern

The author + the mysterious title made me buy this book. Now I just have to read it !

  • La Chartreuse de Parme by Stendhal*

I bought it last year for one of my Literature class but we had so many « classics » to read that I have never had the time to try this one.

  • Can you keep a secret ? by Sophie Kinsella

I hope i will enjoy it because i really loved « I’ve got your number » from the same author. It is simple to read and very funny and tender too. 

  • Torment by Lauren Kate (#2)

It’s been a while i have this serie about angel against demon but still, i found it difficult to stay in the story. I will try to read it in the summer. Hopefully.

  • Passion by Lauren Kate (#3)*
  • Sula by Toni Morrison

I should have read it during this school year but…it’s bad I know but i couldn’t get in it. The year is over now but, i will try one more time at least to read that book. 

And you, what are the books you recently added to your to Be-Read list ?

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Bonjour à tous, moi c'est Liny, j'ai 21 ans et j'habite dans la Drôme, dans le Sud-Est de la France. Depuis 2 ans, je suis étudiante en licence d'anglais. Ce que c'est ? En gros, ça veut dire que j'aime cette langue et que je passe mes journées à l'étudier sous toutes ses formes! Je suis aussi une grande romantique, des comme on n'en fait plus trop, vous savez ?

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