Avril 2015 Camp NaNoWriMo Assessment

Hello everyone !

So I presented you earlier what the Camp NaNoWriMo was about and I told you that I was participating to the Avril 2015 Camp. So how was it ?

As always a very nice and productive experience even if I did not achieve it this time. I needed to write to finish a story I was asked to write for one of my class so I begun to write it before April. I really accomplished the first week of april. Maybe half of it. But I had to give back my story to my teacher in the middle of the month. The aim of the class was writing a long story but not entirely (because my teacher can’t read 30 novels in two weeks !). She asked us to write the beginning so around 5 chapters. Personnally I really enjoyed this work so I made 10 chapters.

My first aim of participating to the Camp NaNo was to finish my story even after I had given it to my teacher. But the thing is…it was very hard for me speaking of timing. I had already worked on it during few weeks and I was kind of tired about it. I needed a break time. I had also my year exams on April the NaNo was a difficult challenge at that time. It was not the right time for me but that’s ok.

But I know it exists and I know I did a great job during a month even if it was not all in April so I’m proud of what I have accomplished there. I will probably participate again to this wonderful experience and self-challenge even if I do not currently know when.

I encourage you if you like writing and challenging yourself to try the NaNoWriMo on November. It is very productive and helps yourself to keep focus and motivated on your task. If you have any question about it, do not hesitate I would be pleased to answer you.

Have a nice day and see you soon !

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Bonjour à tous, moi c'est Liny, j'ai 21 ans et j'habite dans la Drôme, dans le Sud-Est de la France. Depuis 2 ans, je suis étudiante en licence d'anglais. Ce que c'est ? En gros, ça veut dire que j'aime cette langue et que je passe mes journées à l'étudier sous toutes ses formes! Je suis aussi une grande romantique, des comme on n'en fait plus trop, vous savez ?

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