Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: advices

Hello everyone,

I’m here again to speak to you about the Camp NaNoWriMo of this month. It is not always easy to keep focus during a month so here, some of my tip or piece of advice, came from my own experience.


*Rule number 1 : Do not try to write more than what you can

I’m not trying to make you give up, it’s not my point. The thing is, write as your goal number, something workable. If you know you’ll be busy with school exams soon do not choose 70 000 words goal (unless you’re sure to find the time for it). I remind it because I met people who were not very motivated/or didn’t know what to write and who were planning 30 000 or 40 000 words goal.

My first advice, especially if you begin in NaNoWriMo, or if you lack of time is to begin with lower goal as 10 000 (the minimum during the camp) or 15 000 which seems pretty reasonable.

*Rule number 2 : choose a subject YOU are interested in

It seems obvious but it is easier to write about something that you love, that about a thing difficult or you don’t really like. You don’t need to write about the last idea fashionable because you think it’s cool or that people would prefer that. Just choose something you want to do and you’ll be happy to write about.You are the one writing, you are the only one to decide.


*Rule number 3 : do not be irregular in your writing

It is simple for yourself and for your motivation to be regularly writing. Little by little, it will become usual and less difficult to do. If you write a bit daily, you’ll be more happy to check your stats, you can even be in advance which is always positive. So do not hesitate : write a little bit EVERYDAY.

*Rule number 4 : do not be alone

Be in a cabin is not compulsory of course, but it may help you to keep your motivations. I think it’s difficult to keep on doing alone. You need to speak about it, to let your story live in yourself so you can write it down. You don’t have to be in a cabin but it’s better to share with them if you have nobody around you to speak about your story. Some are doing only with their IRL (In Real Life) friend and family. I did it during my first NaNoWriMo and it went perfectly well. Some prefer to speak only with others nanowriters 😉 You can also mix it ! The importance is to keep your balance between chat and write.

*Rule number 5 : write, write whatever it is but write

When you don’t find anything to write more, change of idea. The important thing here is to write. You can leave a blank and jump forward to write another scene that you already have in mind. Write what’s motivated you. If you don’t really know you can also describe your characters, the environment etc… everything is good to win a few words for your word account.

The nano experience is to write, not to finish with a perfect novel. So write !

It exists also a good exercice to write more, you can do it alone or with your cabin mates. Just choose a time to begin and a time to end. The best is not a so long time, like 15min sounds great but it’s up to you. During this time you write, without stopping. You just write the most possible. At the end you can share with others how much you wrote ! It’s very stimulating but also a bit tiring for the mind (do not abuse 😉 )

Well I’ll finish by remembering that these “rules” are more advices than real rules to follow. I hope it will help you in your NaNo experience. Tell me if you have more advices to give ! I’ll be happy to hear about it and how it is doing for you so do not hesitate to share here in a comment 😉

See you and have a nice NaNo time !


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