Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015

Hello everyone

Today i decided to put my first English article. Indeed, I love English (even if mine isn’t perfect) and I am in English studies so why shouldn’t I also write English articles in this blog? I got this idea, watching this very good blog named  The Small Wonders of Life reading articles in danish as well as in English. I thought it was a nice idea to follow.

So today, I’m using Shakespeare’s language to present you another of my passion: writing.

Young female is writing notes and planning her schedule.

I have been writing since as long as I remember. In primary school, I wasn’t really doing it on my own but I really loved all the stories we had to write for French classes. I began to write thanks to Harry Potter. First, I read fanfiction (we’ll see that in another article soon) to finally begin to write some. It was easier to begin with because I knew by heart this magical world and the different characters. But nobody became Shakespeare in a day so I can truly confess than most of it was just horrible bullshit. But still, it makes me begin 😉

Ah Mrs Rowling, you’ve given so much to us.

I also had an RPG (Role Playing Game) experience which gives me the opportunity of creating my own characters and to make them evolve. It also made me write with others for the first time. That was so nice !

But I won’t develop more about all this today. No, today, I’m here to present you a very specific project. Each year, an amazing writing challenge is organized all over the world:

NaNoWriMo Challenge which is the National Novel Writing Month.


The aim is to write at least 50,000words in one month. It takes place in November, where people have from the 1st to the 30 at 11.59pm to write their novel. It is a wonderful adventure to try at least once in its life. It is open to everyone. It is free. It is friendly.What else can I say ? Go for it ! It allows all the people who ever wondered about writing a novel without finding the time for it to finally do it.

There are also meetings which are organized worldwidly for an evening or few hours so participants may meet each other and encourage and be encouraged in this huge task. There are no rewards except the satisfaction to have succeeded in the goal we had fixed for ourselves.

Well, no automatic reward but the site got many sponsors who offers some gratifications at the end. For example, you can have reductions on buying products as the logiciel Scrivener specialized in writing.


It is very satisfying to reach the goal fix. And even if 50,000words seems a huge number, I would say that it is not as hard as we can first think if we’re doing it very regularly if not daily. It is incredible to see how much we can write in such a short time. One month!

But still you need to be aware that is not simple and that it demands some time and motivation. One of the motivating facts is to know that so many people are doing the same as us. You can compare yourself with them; even compete if you want to. You can also meet people online, encourage each other on the forum, and ask for help to the volunteers…. It is really well organized and you can always ask for something.

But if you’re afraid to directly test the NaNoWriMo with its 50,000words or if you simply do not want to wait until November you can also participate to a NanoWriMo Camp. It is almost the same but not as demanding as in November. It exists two of them: one in the month of April and one in July.

You can now understand why I chose this subject for today ! 😉 1401822282

Because of the date, I will explain the Camp in priority. It is realized as a real summer camp in the United States where the Camper came for the holidays. NaNoWriMo is not just a challenge of writing alone. It is also the opportunity of meeting new people and sharing with them. That’s why, for the camp it exists some spaces called cabin. A cabin is like a small chat of 11 campers maximum where you can exchange about anything you want. During the camp you can see the evolution of words of your cabin mates by a look to their graphics.

Here is one of the example :


The only thing you have to do is to daily write the number of words you have written. You’ve got a daily objective to reach and it’s up to you to doing it or not. Some people write 10,000 words in only a few days I found it amazing ! But no matter how many you write in one day if you reach the final goal in time.

Here’s the website if you’re interested in :


The camp may be more accessible for a beginning. You actually don’t have 50,000words to write, you can fix yourself how much you would like to write in a month and so adapt it to your schedule. The only thing is you have to fix an objective of at least 10,000words. In a month it is not that much but we all need to begin somewhere.

For my part, I’ve already tried the July Camp in 2014 but I was kind of busy and didn’t made it more than two days, I have to confess. Then I did it on November 2014 and I was very motivated. I won the challenge with 53,069 words ! It was a wonderful feeling but also a great relief because it is taking a great part in your life once you are really involved in the NaNo.

And so this year, I participate to the Camp Nanowrimo April 2015.


I hope to finish my story and to meet new people. If you want to try the experience you can join me by my name (Liny) on the website, I will be please to write in your compagny.

And you ? Do you write ? Have you ever tried NaNoWriMo ? Would you like to try ? Tell me in a post 😉

Have a great time ! See you soon !

PS : Pour les français qui souhaiterait avoir un résumé sur le NanoWrimo, autre qu’en anglais, je vous conseille l’excellent article du blog de Mademoiselle Cordélia qui résume très bien tout ce qui concerne le NaNoWriMo.

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